NOREIUM – Museum Association for the Tourist Facilities of the market municipality of Hüttenberg

ZVR number: 1145548719

9375 Hüttenberg, Reiftanzplatz 1



Board of Directors

Mayor Josef Ofner | chairman, deputy treasurer

Vice mayor Albert Pirolt | secretary, deputy chairman

Beatrix Rosenfelder | treasurer, deputy secretary

Executive management

Wolfgang Giegler

Operational management

Irene Gösseringer | market municipality of Hüttenberg

NOREIUM comprises several museums in Hüttenberg – the Harrer Museum with the Lingkhor Pilgrimage Trail opposite, the Mining Museum with mineral collection and exhibition mine, the Heft Open-Air Museum and the Doll Museum.

Opening hours

1 May to 31 October: Thursday to Sunday, public holidays, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day.

July – August the museums are open daily

Entrance fees

The Hüttenberg Card includes all museums, which you can also visit on different days within a season - note tear-off strips: Harrer Museum, Mineral Show, Mining Museum and Show Mine (incl. guided tour), Doll Museum Helga Riedel

Adults: 17,00 Euro

Children (up to 15 years): 11,00 Euro

Group members, students, apprentices,

pensioners, handicapped persons, military servants: 14,00 Euro

School classes (per pupil): 9,00 Euro

Family ticket (children up to 15 years) 39,00 Euro

Lingkhor (Tibetan pilgrimage path): 2,00 Euro

Heft – open-air museum: without entrance fee

With the Kärnten Card the entrance to all museums is free. Reductions are available with the ÖAMTC Club Card.

We ask you to note that no animals may be taken into the museum facilities of the Hüttenberg Tourist Facilities.

Museum association: museum@noreium.at

Operation: tourismus@huettenberg.at | +43 4263-8108

The implementation of the project "Noreium – Museums Hüttenberg" is funded under the Austrian Rural Development Program – project type 19.2.1. The funding amount of € 139,938.00 is made up of funds from the federal government, the province and the European Union.

Die Vorhaben werden getragen von der Marktgemeinde Hüttenberg und unterstützt von unseren Partnern: 

Tel.: +43 4263-8108 | Fax: +43 4263-8109
E-Mail: tourismus@huettenberg.at